These are some of the organizations and vendors you will find when you visit the House of Friendship.
Russell Hampton Company

Gather the tools and resources you need to Share the Magic of Rotary when you visit the House of Friendship (HOF). Connect with Rotary Fellowships, Rotary Action Groups, Partners, and Projects to learn more, ask questions, and interact with fellow members. Rotary licensed vendors will be on-site with the latest Rotary merchandise..

The House of Friendship is a vibrant hub of connection, inspiration, and collaboration within the Rotary community. It provides a unique opportunity to gather essential tools and resources to empower individuals to Share the Magic of Rotary. By engaging with Rotary Fellowships, Action Groups, Partners, and Projects, visitors can deepen their understanding, forge new relationships, and ignite their passion for service. Explore the diverse range of offerings from licensed vendors, and discover the latest in Rotary merchandise that embodies the spirit of Rotary International. Embrace the spirit of fellowship and innovation at the House of Friendship, where meaningful connections are made, and transformative ideas take root.