Spokane Beckons

SEPTEMBER 11-14 2024

Where Big West Meets Big Ideas

We Are Spokane

Spokane is a beautiful place, but it’s the people that create the culture and the feel of a destination.

A New Frontier Awaits: Spokane’s Call

Nestled between the rugged mountains and serene valleys lies Spokane, a gem of the Big West that pulsates with a vibrant blend of history, culture, and natural splendor.

It’s a place where the whispers of pine trees harmonize with the bustling urban life, crafting a symphony that celebrates both the legacy of the land and the promise of tomorrow.

The 2024 Zone Institute harnesses this harmonious spirit, creating a confluence of great minds under the vast Western sky. Here, we are presented with a golden opportunity to explore innovative terrains, challenge our perceptions, and ignite transformative ideas. Our shared journey will not merely be one of intellectual pursuit but a holistic experience that echoes the encompassing embrace of Spokane.

So, as the river winds gracefully through the city and the shadows dance upon the historic streets, we beckon thinkers, visionaries, and pioneers. Join us in Spokane, where the allure of the Big West converges with the brilliance of big ideas, and together, let’s shape a future as boundless as the horizon.


The Davenport Grand Hotel, part of the Marriott Autograph Collection, provides timeless elegance in the heart of Spokane.

This premier four-star hotel is within walking distance of shopping, dining, nightlife, and the city‘s Riverfront Park and will be home to the 2024 Zones 26 & 27 Zone Institute.

Discover Spokane

From vineyards to vintage rides, Spokane invites discovery at every turn.

Whether you enjoy a visit to wine country, experiencing the magnificence of the Spokane Falls, or taking a ride on the 1909 Looff Carousel, Spokane has something for you to discover. Plan to arrive early or stay late.


Whether it’s the spicy kick of ethnic cuisine or the comforting embrace of a home-cooked classic, Spokane’s dining scene promises to satiate every culinary whim.

Whatever flavors you’re craving, you’ll find them at a restaurant in Spokane. From award-winning Spokane local restaurants to casual dining experiences, the city is full of flavors that will fulfill whatever your tastebuds desire.


Sports fans, art lovers, foodies, wine enthusiasts, music lover, and more flock to the Spokane to enjoy elevated entertainment.

September finds Spokane full of events including the Spokane County Interstate Fair and an Oktoberfest that boasts many local craft breweries. Be sure to plan your Institute travels to take in a concert, event or game.

Weaving Innovation, Heritage, and Horizon

Beyond its picturesque landscapes, Spokane is a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of the human spirit. It stands as a beacon of growth, having evolved from its mining and lumber roots into a hub of arts, education, and technology.

Every corner of this city tells a story. From its revitalized historic districts that bear witness to times gone by, to the avant-garde art installations that challenge the traditional, Spokane thrives on contrasts. As a part of the 2024 Zone Institute, attendees will get a taste of this juxtaposition, delving into discussions that traverse time and thought.

The local flavors, borne from the fertile land, serve as a delicious metaphor for the variety and richness of perspectives that the Institute seeks to promote. Whether it’s through a thought-provoking panel discussion or an informal chat over a glass of locally produced wine, the opportunities for meaningful connections are endless.

We don’t just invite you to an event; we invite you to immerse yourself in an ecosystem of innovation, creativity, and collaboration. In Spokane, where every sunset paints a new dream on the canvas of the Big West, let’s come together to dream bigger, think bolder, and carve pathways to a brighter tomorrow.


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